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Why we’re different

You deserve a better healthcare experience — one that is personal, affordable, and convenient. At Phoenix ER we believe that experience begins with your providers. They should be compassionate, and treat you with the level of care they provide when treating their own family.

As patient advocates, we purposefully see fewer patients to dedicate ample time so each patient feels confident they’re being heard, understood, and treated. It’s the way healthcare should be experienced.

Phoenix ER’s state of the art facility is intentionally planned and staffed to provide significantly more services under one roof than other emergent care facilities in order to give you convenient options. From initial assessment and diagnosis to imaging and lab work, you can get tests done and results returned the same day.

What you’ll receive

Phoenix ER provides a more personalized experience from highly-qualified physicians who spend more time with you. Our ER is purposefully designed to be more efficient than other ERs you’ve been to. We provide 24/7 access to rapid emergency care, attentive inpatient care, and same-day outpatient imaging and laboratory services. Our patients spend more time being treated and less time in waiting rooms or waiting for diagnosis. Additionally, we believe you have a right to know exactly what your treatment plan will be, which is why we offer transparent and upfront options for billing.

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We believe that people deserve a better healthcare experience.


Our team of physicians has more experience than any other ER in the country


We show we care by dedicating more one-on-one time with our patients


Our patients receive more value per dollar than the patients of any other healthcare provider

I’m not a fan of hospitals but after my back pain could find no relief despite my best efforts to make it better I reluctantly went in. I am glad I did. This place was clean and spacious, the staff were friendly and inviting and really cared for my needs. They identified my issue promptly and helped get me feeling better immediately. If I need to go back to the ER again (god forbid) I will have no reservations about coming back here. A+++ all around.

Christopher Tobin

Beautiful new ER hospital in Chandler that was desperately needed! From check in at the front desk (including paperwork) to seeing the doctor took less than 20 minutes ~ insane! All the staff and doctor were amazing; attentive to my comfort, friendly and helpful. I will never return to Chandler Regional again for ER care. Highly recommend!!

Cindy Allen

One of the best, fastest and smoothest ER experiences I’ve ever had. Went in for intense pain around 9pm and barely waited until I was put in a room and spoke to a nurse and doctor. The staff were all SO KIND. You could truly feel they genuinely cared, and nothing felt rushed. Such a comfortable experience!!!

Samantha Hendricks

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