T his month began with celebrations, fireworks, and resolutions. New Year’s is a time when many of us look towards the future and make goals to better ourselves, but after the first month, how are those plans going? Making new habits and ending old ones can be difficult, so to help everyone in our community keep to their 2019 goals, Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital is going to share some advice for how to keep your resolutions and get the best out of your year.

Make Your Resolution Achievable

Whether your resolution is to learn gardening, eat better, or anything in between, it is important to make your goals something you can realistically reach. It doesn’t do any good to vow yourself to something you cannot achieve, after all. For example, if someone made a resolution to travel to all seven continents in the new year, it would not be very realistic, as money, weather, and access to so much international travel can be limiting. In this case, a resolution to travel more would be a better idea and make plans for two or three trips to new places, even if they are only for holiday weekends.

Making your resolutions achievable is an important part of getting the most out of your new year. When goals are set too high, it can leave someone with a sense of disappointment or even failure, even if it isn’t from a lack of trying or determination.

Maintain your expectations as you prepare for 2019 and keep your goals in sight.

Keep Up the New Routine

Part of making sure your new year plans are always reachable is to build them into your schedule. If your resolution is to change your diet, work out more, or even get better sleep, then you need to think about how to re-adjust the routine you already keep. Try writing down your daily schedule. When you document what you do everyday and how long it takes you to do it, you might find openings to fit new goals—like picking up a new hobby or spending more time on the ones you already enjoy.

Whether your goals involve daily, weekly, or monthly goals, if you keep a good schedule and build a new routine around your resolutions, you’ll see results. Small successes can also build up motivation and a feeling of accomplishment. This personal, positive reinforcement is great for new year mental health, and great for keeping to your resolutions all year.

Forgive Your Mistakes

Even the best laid plans might have a few hiccups along the way. Even if you build a new routine and have clear, achievable goals, there might be days when things don’t go as planned. Stress from work, family crises, or environmental factors like weather and traffic can all get in the way. But messing up a few times is not a reason to give up. Long term goals are always going to have mistakes along the way, but your ability to keep trying and keep reaching for your resolution goals is what will really make the difference in your new year. So, if you miss leg day or have extra dessert after a hard day at work, then forgive yourself for it. Beating yourself up over small mistakes won’t help you reach your goals. It is much better for your mental health if you accept any slip-ups as part of your journey towards a better you.

New Year goals can be hard to maintain, but with some determination and support, everyone can keep to their resolutions throughout the year. Making sure your goals are within your control, adjusting your schedule to support them, and forgiving yourself if you slip up are three ways that you can find success throughout the year. Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital is here to encourage you and cheer on our whole community during 2019.

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