I n 1996, the Health and Information Resource Center created Family Health and Fitness Day, to bring families together and reinforce a healthy lifestyle. For the last 23 years, individuals and communities alike have been organizing events on the last Saturday in September to promote fun, family-oriented physical activities.

Phoenix ER and Hospital encourages you to be mindful of your family’s health habits, and to get together and get moving for Family Health and Fitness Day on Saturday, September 28th!

Did you know, children in the U.S. average seven and a half hours of screen time a day?

Unhealthy American Habits

Did you know, children in the U.S. average seven and a half hours of screen time a day? Factors like screen time are one of the many contributing reasons 12.7 percent of 9-12th graders have obesity.

Review these common American habits to determine what changes your family needs to make this Family Health and Fitness Day:

  1. Not being physically active

Americans spend the majority of their 24-hour day in the car, sitting at a desk, and lying in bed. Shockingly, 80.2 million people in the United States over the age of six are entirely physically inactive.

Tip: Skip the elevator and take the stairs whenever you can. Park farther away from your destination to get in those extra steps.

  1. Choosing convenience over quality

It seems that almost any menu you look at, the healthier option is more expensive than the burger and fries. The cost of nutrient-dense foods deters Americans when ordering.

Tip: Save a considerable amount of money while staying healthy by buying groceries and meal prepping for the week ahead of time.

  1. Being constantly connected

Americans are constantly distracted and stimulated by technology throughout the day. The New York Times claims that “every single electronic device cause stress,” so the more plugged in you are, the more stress you encounter.

Tip: Reserve one hour a day as “technology-free time,” while you do something relaxing like going for a walk, cooking, or spending time with family.

  1. Eating too much

Supersized portions in the United States have distorted what Americans see as a “normal” portion. The portion size served at a restaurant in 2019 is almost triple the size it was in 1999.

Tip: If you eat out, ask for a to-go box with your food. Before you start eating, box up half of the portion size given to take home and save for another meal.

  1. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Quality of sleep directly affects your productivity, immune system, weight, and energy. Healthy adults are supposed to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, while children require even more. However, 40 percent of Americans average six hours of sleep or less a night.

Tip: Establish a calming nighttime routine before bed without any electronics. Reading a book, taking a bath, or drinking a non-caffeinated cup of tea are all good ways to relax your body for better sleep.

Get Moving

By creating an at-home environment where physical activity is enjoyable, children can form a lasting outlook on health. Putting down the screens and getting off the couch can instantly lift your mood and bring families together in a fresh, new way.

Here are some things that can be fun for the whole family and promote an active lifestyle:

  • Go to the park
  • Take a long walk
  • Go for a hike
  • Take a bike ride
  • Go swimming
  • Play a game of kickball
  • Get a team together for touch football
  • Play tag
  • Create an obstacle course
  • Make a relay race
  • Check your local events calendar for Family Health and Fitness Day events near you

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