F ood is the energy that powers our engines and helps us perform to the best of our abilities. While plenty of adults might try to augment that energy with big doses of coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, and sugar, we try to do better for our children.

There’s no doubt that a nutritious, balanced diet is an absolute must for children. That mandate is even more important with school starting this month. One of the best gifts parents can give their children is the right diet to promote good sleep, brainpower, focus, and a happy, healthy demeanor to enjoy every single minute of the 2019-2020 school year.

Kids’ dietary needs change over time, but there are certain guidelines and tips that stand the test of time and are great for all ages. Now that your children have settled back into the school routine, we want to share some great tips to ensure they’re getting the perfect mix of foods for a successful school year.

Foods rich in nutrients are the ones that will give your kids the best chance to supply their bodies the energy it needs to grow big, strong, healthy, and smart.

Nutrient-Dense Foods

Foods rich in nutrients are the ones that will give your kids the best chance to supply their bodies the energy it needs to grow big, strong, healthy, and smart. Nutrient-dense foods are ones that are naturally occurring or that have a very small number of artificial ingredients. If you’re the grocery shopper in the house, these foods tend to be clustered on the edges of the grocery store – in the fresh food sections. They include:


Cheese, milk, and yogurt all fall into this category. When kids are younger, whole milk can be the way to go, but as they mature, low-fat and fat-free options are preferred. They are packed with calcium for strong bones and other essentials, like the good bacteria in yogurt that an promote a healthy digestive track.


Protein builds muscle, which is essential for the formation of muscles in the human body. While meats are the overwhelming favorite choice here, stay lean when you fill up your kids’ lunch boxes. Protein goes way beyond hamburgers and chicken nuggets to include beans, peas, eggs, nuts, and seeds.


Grains are a great source of carbohydrates because they generally aren’t packed with too much sugar on top. Whole grains are the best, while white grains should be limited.


Your mom warned you that not eating them would bring dire consequences and she was right! Whether they are dried, frozen, canned, or fresh, veggies contain a remarkable display of minerals and vitamins that are absolutely essential to meeting all the needs of the growing body and the inquisitive mind.


Perfect for any meal of the day or a snack that doesn’t need a lot of artificial colors and flavors to calm a sweet tooth. Fruits are packed with vitamins like A, C, and E that do wonders for skin and immune systems. Make sure you check the label if you’re dealing with fruit juice. Often a ton of sugar is added on top of natural ingredients to make kids enjoy the taste more.

This school year try and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into every meal. Our experienced staff is here to provide the community with the utmost quality of services to help our community. Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital is here to support your family 24/7, 365 with concierge-level emergency care for all ages.

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